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Who we are seperator We've raised £2m for Pump Aid so far.

With every bottle sold, Thirsty Planet provides a guaranteed, fixed donation to Pump Aid, this equates to 4p a litre, across our entire range.

We’re one of the UK’s most successful charity water brands. To date we’ve raised more than £2 million for Pump Aid.

We partnered with Pump Aid

We partnered with Pump Aid because they are the best at what they do and created a brand whose sole purpose was to raise money towards water projects in the most disadvantaged parts of Africa.

Our Achievements so far we've raised £2,000,000 & counting!!! 1,350,000 people

now have daily access to a clean, safe water supply in some of the poorest areas of sub-saharan Africa.

9,500 pumps

Pump Aid has installed more than 9,500 water pumps, meeting the needs of thousands of rural communities.


Encouraging Positive Action The power of positive drinking

Thirsty Planet is about inspiring & encouraging positive action, through drinking well and doing good. We’re about celebrating feel-good happiness, not about preaching.


Guaranteed Donation A guaranteed donation with every bottle. 100% of Thirsty Planet donations are paid directly to Pump Aid

With every bottle of Thirsty Planet sold we guarantee a fixed donation to Pump Aid.

The transparency and accountability of the process means every customer knows that they have made a significant contribution and a measurable difference.

A massive 90p from every £1 donated is spent on Pump Aid's direct delivery in Africa
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