Thirsty Planet and Pump Aid are committed to sustainability through community ownership and empowerment, an economically and environmentally sustainable approach to maintenance as well a comprehensive programe of audit and evaluation.

community focused and culturally sensitive

Pump Aid is rooted in the African communities it supports.  The charity has a deep cultural understanding of what is necessary to empower those communities as well as an appreciation of the complexities that need to be considered. Community input is central to the installation of any pump and by involving the community they feel ownership over the pump and its benefits.

committed to sustainability and accountability

When Pump Aid leave a project site the local community know how to maintain and repair the pump. This is largely why elephant pumps have an 82% functionality rate, which is well above the average 60% functionality rate for more complex pumps. The pumps are audited to ensure sustainability and to ensure the long term outcomes for economic development are maximised.

Community Ownership

community ownership

Communities are encouraged to take ownership and responsibility for their pump, it's maintainance and the impact it can have on changing their future.

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The Elephant Pump

the elephant pump

The award-winning Elephant Pump is made with the help of the local community and can be maintained and repaired by them using locally sourced materials.

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We are commited to auditing our pumps to ensure sustainability and determine whether the key benefits are being adequately achieved.

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