look out for our new kids pack

We’re really excited that our new kids’ multipack is now on the shelves.

We’ve listened to what you were saying and we’ve made the pack larger with more child-appeal!

With 8 easy-to-drink-from sports cap bottles in each pack, they are perfect for packed lunches and ‘on the go hydration’. Each pack will provide a guaranteed donation to charity partner Pump Aid of over 40,000 litres of clean water!

We know children are very receptive to learning about the world around them, and they’re also keen to make a difference, we hope that by introducing them to Thirsty Planet at a young age, it will educate them about the problems in Africa and spur them on to help!

The bottles have a fun, friendly design with easy to understand ‘Did you know?’ facts.

They also feature our little blue elephant character, which plays a very important role in helping to carry the messaging and explain just what Thirsty Planet is all about. Our elephant acts as a ‘mascot’ and helps encourage children to engage with the brand’s ethical message. Our elephant reminds us ‘don’t forget to help’ as we all know elephant’s have very, very good memories!”

We sure our new pack will appeal to all Thirsty Planet supporters who want to provide their children with a convenient and healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks.

And how good does it feel when your children want to have Thirsty Planet in their lunch box because they know it does great things?