Happy New Year – What’s In Store For 2013?

As the title of this blog post suggests, we’d like to wish all our friends a very happy New Year. Last year was a fantastic year for Thirsty Planet and we accomplished many of our goals with the support of our partners and most importantly, everyone who bought Thirsty Planet water. It’s so easy to take drinking clean, safe water for granted but the magnitude of the work Pump Aid are doing in Malawi is truly astonishing and we’re very proud to be contributing to their inspirational and lifesaving achievements.

Malawi Visit Recap

Through working closely with the Pump Aid team we’ve always been regularly updated with photos and videos showing the changes being made to community’s throughout Malawi. However, in 2012 we were fortunate to visit Malawi and meet up with the Pump Aid Malawi team to see their invaluable work first hand.

If you’ve been following our blog you‘ll have seen the four part series that covers the week that we were there (Malawi Blog Link), along with Thirsty Planet partners from Thomson Airlines. The wonderful memories of seeing children’s lives transformed by clean water and improved sanitation and the impact on communities who are now able to grow their own crops will certainly stay with us for a long time. It also brought home the severity of the situation and yet how quickly and simply we can make an enormous difference. Without the help of organisations such as Pump Aid and without our continued support lives remain at risk through disease and health problems caused by dirty, unsafe drinking water.

Let’s Make 2013 Even Better

For those of you who regularly drink Thirsty Planet water and who follow us on Face Book and Twitter, you’ll have seen that we’ve recently rebranded our Thirsty planet water with a new label design – We hope you like it! You can be sure that it’s the same pure spring water inside the bottle, and most importantly a fixed, guaranteed donation is paid to Pump Aid with every purchase. We’ll also be working very hard to generate as much noise as possible this year to get more people drinking our water and raising contributions for Pump Aid, so please help us by sharing our messages either via Facebook, Twitter or of course by word of mouth.

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Throughout 2013 we will be working closely with our supporters to raise awareness of Thirsty Planet and  post regular updates on their success. Don’t forget that If you’re organising or taking part in an event please continue to support Thirsty Planet, either by drinking Thirsty Planet water whilst, providing our water at a local event or championing Thirsty Planet in your school or workplace. –Whatever you’re doing,  please let us know, we’d love to share your pictures and news.

Until our next blog we hope your New Year’s resolutions are going well (especially if your resolution is to drink Thirsty Planet!)

buying ethical… making a difference or just a tick in the box

It’s hard when you’re producing a charity supporting product such as Thirsty Planet and really committed to making a real difference to be faced with those who just want to buy ethical to ‘wear the badge’ and to be ‘seen to be doing the right thing’.

There are many excellent charity-supporting brands on the market, giving customers their biggest choice ever. Some are clear about what they do to help make a measured difference, whilst others are not.

It must be a difficult decision for consumers and it’s no wonder especially in this economic climate that many consumers have become ‘charity cynics’.

The Zenith Report 2011 reporting on the UK Bottled Water market, raised the importance ‘that the correct message is delivered to the customer’ with respect to ethical waters, ensuring total transparency to allow consumers to make an informed choice.

It would be great if the message could be standardised to allow comparison across brands, to differentiate between those ‘ethical’ brands that are happy to appeal to the ethical market, have some charitable associations but don’t actually achieve very much, to those brands that donate significant amounts and are making a real impact.

Consumers deserve to know the facts, we all want to help and do something good, but we need to have confidence in the funding mechanism and level of donation.

The most frustrating situation however is when people do have enough understanding to make an informed choice and actually do consider the facts, but still don’t care enough.

They are happy to be seen to be buying an ‘ethical product’ but don’t really care about ‘why.’

Be sure that Thirsty Planet is committed to a guaranteed donation, paid direct to Pump Aid with every bottle and pack sold and that your donation gets to the heart of the issue and to the people who need our help most.