A tidy way to stay hydrated and look after our planet too!

The Tidyman is back and now proudly displayed across the newly rebranded Thirsty Planet range!
And if that doesn’t get you reaching for the recycling bin, you might need a chat with straight-talking TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp.
The Location, Location, Location star is brand ambassador for Keep Britain Tidy and recently championed the relaunch of The Tidyman – the world’s most famous environmental symbol.

“The Tidyman symbolises the action that we should all be doing – putting our rubbish in a bin. It’s not rocket science but if we all did that, our country would be a cleaner, more attractive place,” said no-nonsense Kirstie. “I am delighted that Keep Britain Tidy is giving him a new lease of life and to have had the opportunity to give him a hug!”
Bottles of Thirsty Planet are the first products to proudly carry the logo in a partnership between Harrogate Water Brands and Keep Britain Tidy. According to new research, more than 90% adults recognise The Tidyman logo.
The partnership, which also includes bottles of Harrogate Spring, aims to get more people recycling – particularly plastic bottles.
In conjunction with Keep Britain Tidy, Harrogate Water has commissioned independent research which will inform a targeted recycling campaign to interact with consumers in a fun, engaging way.
The thing is, every bottle of Thirsty Planet – glass or plastic - is completely recyclable, including cap and label. Currently, nearly 60 per cent of plastic bottles are recycled so there is still lots to do. We have to get the message across more effectively.
If you want to stay hydrated and look after our planet too, join Thirsty Planet and get recycling. As Kirstie says: “It’s not rocket science.”