what makes us different

our donation guarantee

Every single bottle of Thirsty Planet sold guarantees a fixed donation to the charity Pump Aid. The donation level is significant and we pride ourselves on trying to make the biggest difference we possibly can.


Our ‘Donation Guarantee’ provides full transparency. The amount donated is not dependent on profitability or how much a retailer chooses to sell at. It means whatever promotional activity you see in store, the donation remains unchanged and the charity is protected.


The process is fully accountable. We know exactly how much our customers raise to the penny. All donations go direct to Pump Aid. We monitor donations and the charity audits all work undertaken and measures the impact.

environmentally responsible

We’re an independent British company who source 100% of our raw materials within only 90 miles of our manufacturing site. We keep water miles to a minimum, minimise packaging waste and operate a ‘zero to landfill facility’ – absolutely everything is recycled.

we’re the experts

We stick to what we do and we do it well. We bottle an exceptional product, achieving the highest level of accreditation possible whilst providing our customers with a direct, simple way to give to an extremely worthwhile cause. We partner with Pump Aid who are the experts at what they do, to ensure that 100% of the donation reaches those most in need and it is used to implement the most appropriate, cost effective solutions. We’ve received praise at the Third Sector Excellence Awards for our partnership with Pump Aid and our combined achievements. When we’re doing something this important it’s good to know we’re getting it right.