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Thirsty Planet was launched in 2007 because as bottled water producers (and good ones too!) we wanted to ‘give something back’. We knew we couldn’t solve a global problem single-handedly but we wanted to try and make a real difference.

We partnered with Pump Aid (because they are the best at what they do!) and created a brand whose sole purpose was to raise money towards water projects in the most disadvantaged parts of Africa. These are the parts of Africa where people die drinking from contaminated water sources, the parts where children can’t attend school because they have to walk miles to collect water, the parts where communities are malnourished because they haven’t water to grow crops.

We’ve now raised over £1.7 million which has helped fund the build and maintenance of over 9,000 elephant pumps, giving over a million people access to a lifetime’s supply of clean, safe water. Incredible but true.

Thirsty Planet spring water is as pure as you can get, with a perfect mineral balance. If consumers can enjoy our water and contribute to Pump Aid what could be simpler?

We think knowing you are doing something amazing makes our water taste even better.

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what makes us different

Thirsty Planet is dedicated to making a difference. How we go about achieving it is by sticking to what we're good at and ensuring total transparency.

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Thirsty Planet Water

our water

Award winning water from 'The Original British Spa Town' with a balanced mineral content.

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We are continually improving our business processes to reduce our impact on natural resources

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Where to Buy Thirsty Planet

where to buy thirsty planet

Find out where you can buy Thirsty Planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

All the things you may like to know... and more!

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our supporters

The brilliant people who believe in Thirsty Planet and work hard to raise awareness and make Thirsty Planet successful.

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