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a high quality British spring water with a difference

Our water is dedicated to bringing clean water to the most disadvantaged communities across sub Saharan Africa. On every bottle or pack of  Thirsty Planet  sold we guarantee a significant, fixed donation to Pump Aid, a fantastic charity which provides cost effective, sustainable clean water solutions across Africa. The process is completely transparent and we are accountable for every penny.

We are lucky. In the UK we have access to clean safe water at home, at work, at school. When we’re out and about we can buy bottled water easily. Yet in developing countries over 748 million people still cannot access clean water. By supporting Thirsty Planet and choosing to drink  our water not only will you enjoy a quality British spring water, but you will help save and change the lives of millions of African people.

Buy a bottle, change a life!  Doing something truly amazing just doesn’t get any easier.

About Thirsty Planet

about thirsty planet

We pride ourselves on being one of the most green minded and ethically responsible bottled waters. Find out just what makes us so different.

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Pump Aid

In partnership with Pump Aid we are committed to help break the poverty cycle in Africa. Find out more.

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Our focus is to provide sustainable, appropriate solutions for each community. The pumps belong to the local peole and are maintained by local people. They provide not only clean water but hope and freedom.

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thirsty planet image gallery

Browse our photos and see the communities who continue to benefit from our support.

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See Our Work

see our work

See just what a difference Thirsty Planet has made.
Find out more about Pump Aid's work in Africa and the people we are helping.

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Thirsty Planet Kids Zone

kids zone

Information on healthy hydration, teaching resources, fund-raising ideas, as well as activities and competitions. Enter now to win our Thirsty Planet elephant!

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